“Frank—description of what you plan to do sounds great, thanks. Wow, you are drawing these things by hand? I did not realize you were an artist. Impressive.”

- Ric Emery, PhD.
Edwards & Angell, LLP

“Frank took my concept for a multi-functional jewelry accessory and illustrated the various embodiments for a successful PTO filing.”

- Theresa Brancato

At IIG we understand the critical nature of rendering product inventions with extreme precision. Reflecting each and every novelty has a direct impact on the success of a patent application. We use many tools to accomplish this goal.

Hand Illustration
Yes, we still pick up a pencil and draw on a drafting table. In some cases, we’re simply better able to accurately depict the nuances of a mechanical invention the old-fashioned way.

Computer-Aided Design
We also have the latest technology and CAD programs to render technical drawings electronically. Clients can submit original files in virtually any format for IIG to get started. Electronic schematics, process flow charts, and biotech applications all lend themselves well to CAD.

Image Enhancement
IIG will take an original photograph (film or digital) and simply make it better. We’ll enhance the color, contrast, brightness and tone. Additionally, we’ll ensure the accuracy of the margins, and add or delete any relevant text.

Final Deliverables
Our work product takes on the most appropriate format for each client’s specific needs. We’ll overnight a print or e-mail a file, whatever it takes. Bottom line—the final deliverable will require no further alterations before submission to the USPTO.

Our Core Products:
• Formal Drawings
• Informal Drawings
• Special Form Trademark Drawings
• Enhanced B/W & Color Images

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