“I looked over the drawings this morning and they're excellent, especially considering the quick turnaround.”

- David J. Torrente
Scully, Scott, Murphy & Pressor, PC

“You’re the only one I trust in this whole patent process.”

- Karen Gasparian

Initial Consultation
This is where we get to know the specifics. Will we be rendering patent drawings from a verbal description, a product prototype, or rudimentary sketches. Over the phone, fax, and e-mail, the IIG team will determine the scope of work involved. We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to any discussion.


Once we fully understand your needs, we’ll provide a detailed and competitive estimate. Because each project is entirely unique—like the invention itself—IIG cannot post rates on this site. Half of the total estimate is due when we start, with the balance due upon completion. Rates for high-volume and/or recurring projects may be negotiated.

Work in Progress
Once the business end is handled, the IIG team goes straight to the drawing board. The time sensitivity of the project and target filing date often dictate the best course of action; IIG will quickly adapt to accommodate your unique needs.

We can generate sketches to jumpstart an attorney’s spec writing. For an inventor, we can create a tight drawings package to deliver to his/her attorney for PTO filing or for marketing. Learn more details about our services.

Understanding that inventors often develop and improve upon their ideas during application preparation, IIG will ebb and flow accordingly. As drawings are generated, adding or removing features is simply par for the course. We’ll communicate regularly to ensure a complete and accurate drawing package, with no surprises or unanticipated modifications.

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