“… not to mention your helpful suggestions and guidance which benefited the client and made the project more cooperative and enjoyable for everyone!”

- David Leason, Partner
Darby & Darby, PC

“He's like the Norman Rockwell of patent draftsmen”

- Alfred M. Walker, Esq.


Since 1990, The Intellectual Illustrations Group has been breathing visual life into novel ideas for inventors and their attorneys. We specialize in rendering formal patent drawings and trademark logos for compliant filing with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Our Founder
At the helm is Frank Leparik who has personally rendered thousands of patent illustrations over his extensive career. With a degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute in New York, Frank brings more than just raw artistic talent to the drafting table. Setting him apart is his ability to quickly grasp—and then illustrate—complex engineering concepts.

Prior to launching IIG, Frank honed his industrial design skills working in such diverse fields as consumer products, contemporary furniture, and human factors engineering. To his practice today, he brings this incredible versatility developed early on.

An artist from a very young age, Frank sees and thinks in 3-D—a rare and unique gift. This innate and highly acute skill enables him to quickly visualize raw concepts and keenly illustrate their every intricacy.

Our Team
Frank surrounds himself with only the most highly qualified professionals in the industry. With backgrounds in engineering and industrial design, Frank’s trusted associates are equally adept at CAD and hand illustration.

Our Work
We combine the best of both worlds—art and technology—to produce patent drawings of unmatched quality, consistently meeting clients’ stringent requirements and deadlines. And our world-class service and professionalism facilitate a smooth engagement.

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